In Japan, it's very hot in the summer.

I'd like to know what Vinod is up to.

Do you want to know what happened to Juri?

When I was in New York, I happened to meet my old friend.

The most important thing is not to give up.

As children are known to emulate the values of adults, it is often pointed out such "education mamas" instill a warped sense of values in their children.

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I leaned forward.

Sjaak can't make up his mind whether to get a job or to go to college.

I'd like to graduate next spring.

Would you mind if I gave Eliot a call?

That's a horrifying thought.


This man has a horse.

Kevan is not quite as tall as Mark.

It took Vince 7 hours to read a 220 pages book. It took Vice 9 hours to read a 280 pages book. Who is faster at reading books?


I don't think that we should leave Skef here by himself.

Are you sure Renu will let us do that?

Now the story is over.

It is a five-minute walk to the library.

She made a lot of spelling mistakes.


She went on working.

The rough material hurt the child's tender skin.

Nobody can understand him.

You have to see this.

She is only a child.

We have tons of money.

I can't stand up.

We wear wool in winter.

I like books which have happy endings.

He tried to make his wife happy, but he couldn't.

Bobby would probably like to do that.

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I see a light.

That seems to be the problem.

I was born to make you happy.

I must be about my father's business.

I asked you last night.


If you ask me, Kikki is the problem.

By the way, in case he comes, let him wait for me.

You're spending too much time on the computer.


It's not essential to wait.

What's your favorite dessert with strawberries?

I hear the store is in the center of the city.


I've got no answer to my letter.

Chinese firms have embarked on a quest to conquer the world market.

You can think that if you want.

As is his way, he eats reading a newspaper.

Which factory was it?


A government official's stately mansion was looted.

My telephone number is 9876-5432.

If you go out so lightly dressed, you'll catch a cold.

Petr and Alvin came to love each other.

I can't afford to buy it.

I made a bet that she would win the game.

I'll be back by six o'clock.


Frederick gave us a lot of money.


Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air because of your own energy needs.


Was anyone surprised?

It'd be easy to do that.

Polly has already published three books.

He tried to keep the secret back from us.

It's a pleasure to meet you, Keith.

I could clearly see that the hard work had begun to tell on his health.

I think that a new fruit drink will go over big during the summer.

How wonderful!

I think it's time for me to leave for school.


That won't happen, certainly not.


I will do everything I can to go.


We appreciate the opportunity you've given us to learn more about your organization.


I can't answer your question with any certainty.

The lord held absolute power over his subjects.

Have you ever jumped from a bridge into the sea?

It is the business of the politician, the "science of politics", to make you believe that the law protects you and your interests, when it merely serves to keep up the system which robs, dupes, and enslaves you in body and mind.

It's such a pity Karen and Liisa don't hit it off together.

I got very annoyed at her remarks.

Joyce smelled it.


I know how frustrating this is for you.


You didn't have to cum so early.

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I'll be only too pleased to help you.

Kikki says he's been thinking about what Arnold said.

Something is encompassing me.

His honesty is worthy of great praise.

She stopped a passer-by.


All of these sentences need a full stop.

It's a good thing you were here.

Linder sent me here to protect you.


Heidi did warn you.

I'm going to buy some bread.

Can people buy these?


Let Mikael talk first.

Let's rejoice.

She broke with Cecil before going to Greece.

I'll try my best to be there on time.

A triangle is a shape with three sides.

Are you mad at me?

The Linux kernel is monolithic.

An extremely terrible thing happened to him.

Elwood told me he loved me.

Hopefully, we'll arrive tomorrow.

They parted with a firm handshake.

Ann looked grouchy, so Oliver didn't approach him.

Are you as hungry as I am?

I have no words to express my gratitude.

A guy named Erik called here yesterday.

That looks like fun.

I'm not too surprised.

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You're scary.

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He's a talented young director.


I hate myself and I want to die.

I saw the look on your face when Adam asked you to wait for Tanaka.

Wasn't it enough?

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Barrett likes oranges and eats three or four a week.

Angus said he'd never see me again.

Why did you turn it upside down?


Both my father and my brother are fond of gambling.

I cannot say how much time passed.

I may not be able to go swimming with you this afternoon.

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Why doesn't she watch movies with me anymore?

If you want to go, then go. If you don't want to, then forget about it.

If there's anything you want to do, you should do it if it makes you happy.


It was very wise of her to choose the other one.

I regret to say that he is ill in bed.

Would you do the same thing again?

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It'll cost me my job.

They vandalized my BMW!

Mr. Jones was born in the United States.


Don't judge a book by its cover.

What an idiot I am!

Maybe Julius was injured.

He leaves a widow and a daughter.

I hate waiting in line.

We belong here.

Don't look so grim.

I will bring back a lot of food.

I knew I should've taken that.

Nobody thought about my country.

I'm making a doll for Anna.

This book is ready to go to press.

I just want to go home.

Stop phubbing me.

We need accommodation for six.

I don't think that they are valuable just because they have a large crop, but I'm glad when they sprout in great numbers - even when they are poison mushrooms.

Just buy her some candy.


Vassos swallowed his chewing gum.

Shari, you traitor!

Nothing can prevent her from marrying him.


The electricity has been off since this morning.

The bell had already rung when I got to school.

I do not need a loan anymore.

Newsflash: People a couple of hundred years ago didn't speak the same as we do.

Sigurd should've bought one.


Isaac did what he was asked to do without hesitation.


You're a mischief, Daniel.


Ahmet has clogged arteries.

I just redecorated.

He loves talking about politics.

In Kyoto, you can see both old and modern buildings.

Making friends with people doesn't have anything to do with how long you know them.


Having put his room in order, he went out.

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The quality of translation has improved.

I used to be a teacher.

Russ told us that he knew the risks.

You don't need to impress me!

I can't stand him holding forth about his life experience.